Update: May 2012

by Colleen Chapman
Originally published in the May 2012 issue of Boyle McCauley News.

Things are getting exciting for the Friends of Church Street.

We are in negotiations for office space in the neighbourhood, and have begun working on our funding proposals. Our committee is vibrant, busy, and dedicated, and we are looking for more volunteers who would like to work with us. Check us out at
http://www.friendsofchurchstreet.com, or on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/FriendsofChurchStreet). You can also follow us on Twitter:

Next summer on July 13 we will be holding our first annual Church Street Fair, and will need a lot of good volunteers for that. Please contact us at friendsofchurchstreet@gmail.com.

Our committee is:

    Colleen Chapman, Chair
    Wendy Aasen, Vice Chair
    Shauna Forsyth, Secretary
    Fr. Jim Holland, Treasurer
    Paula Kirman, Director of Communications
    David Prodan, Member at Large

We will need volunteers for the office/gift shop in the future, and are hoping to be able to set up by the end of this summer. Join us in the fun!


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