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Update on Church Street from Revitalization

Negotiating the best solution for Church Street road bulbs has been about trying to come up with ideas that work for everyone involved. Many of the key people involved have advised the City that the shrubs have got to go as they have served their purpose and need to be removed. The City of Edmonton hears the residents’ message and as a result of resident concerns the shrubs have been replaced with ornamental crab apple trees planted over the summer of 2014. Forestry will be maintaining the trees to ensure they thrive over the next two years.

The next steps will be to remove the potentilla shrubs as the ground will be reworked and a mulch base will be replacing the existing hardened ground at each bulb location from 107A Ave. to 111 Ave. before the snowfall in 2014. In preparation for spring, there will be six to eight large pots that will be used to beautify the area for spring planting on the bulbs. If the pots are successful, then more pots will be added to enhance the Church Street area.

Plaques have been ordered for the churches that detail the history of each church. Feedback from the community during the Church Street Fair has been helpful to determine the most popular design for the banner flag poles that will mark the entry ways to Church Street which will be installed in the spring of 2015. Work on the street blades continues with transportation and will also be installed in spring of 2015.

If you would like to express an opinion on work being done on Church Street, please contact Scott Ashe at (780) 442-5045 or email at scott.ashe@edmonton.ca

Call Out for Artists, Musicians, and Poets in McCauley

What’s up for those who are the gifted creative people living in McCauley?  The Revitalization is working with key people to create a web site to connect local artists and create a link for those who live in the area. There are many projects and opportunities for short term and longer term initiatives that could use your talents. Please contact Yvonne Chiu at (780) 423-1973.


Touring Church Street in a Wagon

The annual Family Day skating party at the McCauley Rink happened on February 18. Part of the festivities included a horse-drawn carriage ride down the north part of 96 Street. Here are a few photos from the picturesque ride, as well as a video of the street filmed from the perspective of sitting behind the horses in the wagon.

Family Day at McCauley Rink 2013

Family Day at McCauley Rink 2013

Family Day at McCauley Rink 2013

Welcome to Friends of Church Street!

Welcome to the website and blog for Friends of Church Street. We are an organization that seeks to promote the historical significance of 96 Street in the McCauley neighbourhood (in Edmonton, Alberta), which is commonly known as Church Street. We are not a religious group nor affiliated with any one particular church.

A couple of the things towards which we are working is encouraging the City of Edmonton to officially designate Church Street as an historical location. We are also planning a Church Street Fair for the summer of 2013.

96 Street has already been honoured with a plaque in 2010 from the Edmonton Historical Board. Church Street is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest number of churches within a few blocks (there are currently around 20).

For now, you can stay up to date with what is going on by checking out our Twitter (@ChurchStreet96) and Facebook pages. You can also reach us at friendsofchurchstreet@gmail.com.